first two are thefrench wine

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Those first two are the most important to remember for quality. Touraine white wine, from a village further west is also made from Sauvignon Blanc. In the middle part of the region Chenin Blanc takes over. Vouvrey is a village name that, when it appears on labels means Chenin Blanc. To cater for this demand various design companies started to design their own oyster card holders. Some of these featured oyster card covers made from textiles such as denim, otherswine from leather, and some from plastic. A French person would never make a white wine from Chardonnay in Bordeaux because it would not be a legal Bordeaux wine.Each region used similar methods. I have chosen to expand on the vineyards of Burgundy because they are the most classic as well as the most surprising.Mr. Raymond Dumay (French writer and journalist who published "Le Guide du Vin in 1967,) compares the vineyards of Burgundy to a masterpiece," No two were now the same. Designer oyster card holders had made oyster mix ups a thing of the pass, for instance, you never had to worry anymore about leaving the house with your spouse's card. wine